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The Rhode Island Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers was founded in 1920 and brings together professionals from across the state and southeastern Massachusetts. The Section offers networking opportunities, enlightening speakers, and community outreach initiatives. In 2020, the Section published its first Infrastructure Report Card for Rhode Island. The Younger Member Group has spearheaded many events to introduce the profession to the next generation.

— Vision of ASCE

Civil engineers are global leaders building a better quality of life.

Think Positive, Think Always Powering The World

Discipline-specific institutes and technical groups bring together volunteers from around the world to advance the profession's technical, business, and professional expertise. Knowledge, experience, and best practices are shared through conferences, workshops, peer-reviewed journals, books, manuals of practice, seminars, webinars, and consensus standards.

ASCE and its members are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future in which human society has the capacity and opportunity to maintain and improve its quality of life indefinitely, without degrading the quantity, quality or the availability of natural, economic and socially just resources. Whether you are just beginning to explore the benefits that a focus on sustainability can bring to your community and your engineering practice, or you are looking for the tools to take it to the next level, we can help you build a better future.

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